Canada Ministre de l'Immigration à «augmenter considérablement” Les immigrés

Le ministre de l'Immigration du Canada, John McCallum, has confirmed his goal of increasing immigration to Canada significantly beyond its current record levels in order to fill the Canada’s labour workforce needs and meet the challenges posed by an aging canadian population.

Ses commentaires ont été faits à Manille, Philippines lors d'un discours à la Chambre de commerce du Canada. Ce voyage à Manille fait partie de sa tournée asiatique qui comprenait la visite de Beijing, China and for which he stated that the Canadian government also intended to increase the number of visa offices in China to facilitate the numbers of Chinese visitors, workers, students and prospective immigrants expected to come to Canada in the future.

In Manila, he stated; “why not substantially increase the number of immigrants… au Canada? And that is, I think, I hope, what we are […] to do . . . the direction in which I would like to go is to increase substantially the number of immigrants,”.


John McCallum Calls for an Increase in Immigration to fill Labour needs

The Canadian government unveiled earlier this year its immigration plan for 2016, which forecasts that Canada will welcome around 300,000 nouveaux résidents permanents cette année. And is seen as the highest projected immigration level in decades.

canada immigration

Following his comments in Manila, the Government’s plan, for Immigration Canada to be unveiled this Autumn, is to promote innovation and economic growth within 3 années. This is likely to include a plan to significantly increase overall immigration numbers.


…John McCallum recently returned from a trip to China, where he lobbied officials to… #cdnimm

Unfortunately, the minister stated that no final decision had yet been reached on Canada immigration. The next steps for him will be to convince his cabinet colleagues and the population of Canada about the benefits of his plan.

The Canadian immigration department is expected to make a number of other changes before the end of 2016, including changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act and changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

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