Super Visa

For Parents and Grandparents

To qualify for a super visa you must be:

  • A parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • Allowed to enter Canada with no restrictions

There are also certain requirements which have to be met in order to qualify, which are:

  • Proof that your child or grandchild in Canada meets the┬áminimum income threshold
  • A written statement from your child or grandchild stating that he or she will provide financial support for you
  • A valid Canadian medical insurance coverage for at least one year
  • Medical examination letter

Only a spouse or common-law partner can enter Canada using this visa

There are certain factors a visa officer will investigate in order to determine that you are an authentic visitor who will leave voluntarily at the end of your visit, these are:

  • Connections to your home country
  • Reasons for your visit
  • Your family and finances
  • The overall economic and political stability of your home country
  • An invitation from a Canadian host.