Before you can study in Canada you will need:

  • To apply and be accepted into a designated learning institute

(All primary and secondary schools in Canada are automatically designated)

  • Letter of acceptance from a designated learning institute – The Designated Learning Institution number (DLI) will also be required.
  • The money needed to finances your study and living expenses for you and any accompanying family member
  • Money for return travel, for you and your accompanying family member
  • No criminal record and not be a risk to the security of Canada. (A police certificate may be required)
  • Be in good health (A medical examination may be carried out if necessary.
  • Satisfy an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay.

Documents Needed for Application

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Proof of identity – this can be either a passport or a travel document
  • Evidence of financial support – this can be in the form of:
  1. Money within a Canadian bank account under your name
  2. Evidence of a student/education loan from a financial institution;
  3. Bank statements from the past four months;
  4. A bank draft in convertible currency;
  5. Evidence of payment of tuition and accommodation fees;
  6. A letter from the individual or institute supporting you financially
  7. If you have been awarded a scholarship or are in a Canadian-funded educational program, then proof of funding that has been from within Canada is needed