iam Friday Feeling Canada

iam Friday Feeling Canada

In April 2015: I was sitting and observing attentively in a Canadian inspired pub in Covent garden while waiting for a good friend Samantha. The feeling was awesome as I have been looking forward to visit and feel the actual Canadian smell – one of the best! I just thought of embracing everything about Canada from its soil up to its beautiful people.

Now, I have friends and good networks in Canada, funny, but it’s good to note the following when keeping good connection in Canada:

  • Circa 1534 -1763 was English America and New France colonization.
  • Circa 1763- 1867 was when Canada was under British rule (after 7 year’s war).
  • Current Prime minister is Stephen Harper from Conservative Party.
  • Famous star is Justin Bieber. Lol.
  • Total land area, really? It’s 9,984,670 km2 for 35,675,834 people.
  • Most common sports is ice hockey.
  • Geography. Covering most Northern part of the North America continent.
  • 10 provinces, 3 territories.
  • Flag was decided by George V and proclaimed by Queen Elizabeth II on 15 Feb 1965.
  • Common food: Bacon, Poutine, maple syrup.
  • Drinks: ice wine, beer and vodka.

A presentation among the team will be held and after we will be eating some pancakes with maple syrup.

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